London Mayor backs extreme aims of the “March for Choice”.

14th May 2019

march for choice
Counter-protesters at the March for Life

"I fully back the message and aims behind your countermarch – March for Choice”

Last Saturday, while thousands of people took to the streets of London to celebrate life, a small band of pro-abortion activists staged a counter-protest. While the assertions of the “March for Choice” to be the “pro-choice majority” rang rather hollow given their small numbers, their claim to being supported by the Mayor of London was true.

Siding with extreme pro-abortion group

In a letter to Kerry Abel, Chair of Abortion Rights, Sadiq Khan said: “Thank you for your letter about the March for Life - anti-abortion protest...I have a long-standing history of supporting the right of women to have an abortion, and I fully back the message and aims behind your countermarch – March for Choice”. He described abortion as “a basic right” and ended the letter “I am grateful for the work you and your organisation are doing”.

Abortion Rights, which organised the counter- protest, are one of the most extreme pro-abortion groups in the country. Policy documents on their website advocate for sex-selective abortion, abortion for disability, and late-term abortion. They say that “all women have the right to choose abortion for whatever reason” and “that abortion should be available to women whenever it is needed.”

Agressive counter to peaceful family event

The “March for Choice” event page makes slanderous claims about the March for Life, saying: “Although ‘March for Life’ try to present a shiny, family-friendly appearance, in reality, it is made up of extreme anti-women, anti-choice, evangelical groups which regularly harass women outside abortion clinics. In addition to opposing abortion, these groups also have links to homophobic, fascist and far-right organisations.” It also uses threatening language to describe the event, saying “The anti-choice, US-inspired ‘March for Life’ will attempt to hold their 6th annual ‘Life fest’ in London. 2 years ago we booted them out of Birmingham and this year we’re going to let them know they ain’t welcome [in] London!”

Although their small numbers and the police presence prevented them behaving in as violent a way as in previous years, the pro-abortion protesters attempted to shout down the pro-life women speaking at the closing rally, including abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, sang crude songs and refused to engage in any meaningful dialogue.

Slandering pro-life vigils

As well as backing an aggressive counter protest to a family event, run by a group with extreme aims completely at odds with public views on this issue, Mr Khan also slandered pro-life volunteers. He wrote: “I share your concerns about the recent increase in the unacceptable promotion of harassment against abortion providers and the pregnant women who want to use these services.” He said he backed the buffer zone imposed by Ealing Council, and “was deeply disappointed when the Government refused to implement similar -buffer zones across the country to stop protesters coming into direct contact with patients.”

Human rights?

He went on to say that after marking the centenary of women’s suffrage last year, “it's vital that we not only continue to push for full gender equality, but that we safeguard the key rights already secured, including the right to have an abortion.”

Perhaps if Mr Khan had come to the March, and heard the many pro-life women who gave powerful speeches, and the couple who thanked a pro-life vigil for saving their baby, he would have learnt that true gender equality does not need to pit women against their own children, and that the first human right is the right to life.