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Amendment against sex-selective abortion defeated in Parliament.



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Amendment against sex-selective abortion defeated in Parliament

25 February 2015: British MPs voted yesterday to reject an amendment put forward by Fiona Bruce MP to clarify the law regarding sex-selective abortion. Read more about this and other must-read pro-life news-stories.

Dr Jack Willke, father of the pro-life movement, RIP

23 February 2015: Dr Jack Willke, the father of the worldwide pro-life movement, who died last Friday, has been a friend and collaborator of SPUC's for over 40 years. He was 89. May he rest in peace. > Read the tribute from John Smeaton, SPUC's chief executive

Parents must be at the centre of sex education, says Safe at School

17 February 2015: Safe at School has said that parents must be at the centre of sex education, in response to the report from the House of Commons Education Committee on PSHE and SRE in schools. > Read the full statement

Pro-life youth conference 6-8 March 2015 

The annual SPUC Youth Conference has been very successful in recent years in educating and motivating the youth of today to engage in peaceful and effective pro-life work all over the UK. > Read the full article