Since 1967, SPUC has been striving to change unfair laws and policies and highlight the plight of the millions of unborn children who have been killed by abortion in the UK. SPUC's work is aimed at securing protection for unborn babies and providing real help for their parents, so a new baby gets the best possible start in life, regardless of the circumstances in which the child is conceived. All of the Society's work has been funded by the generous gifts of caring individuals who understand the value of each individual human life.

SPUC has never received any financial support from the government. However, it costs more and more to counteract the culture of death in Parliament and to promote understanding in schools and colleges of the plight of the unborn. Our running costs are approaching £2 million per year.

You can support the Society by sending a cheque/postal order/credit or debit card donation by post to Freepost SPUC. Alternatively you can make a credit/debit card donation by telephoning 01772 258580. The more money we raise the more effective we become in helping those unable to help themselves.

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