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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Alfie Evans: SPUC Comment

25 April 2018


On the Alfie Evans case, SPUC's Dr Anthony McCarthy commented:

"Our hearts go out to the parents, whose proposals should be listened to unless they are very clearly against the interests of their child. As an absolute minimum, we hope that Alfie will continue to receive hydration, and hope he will also receive any nutrition from which he is still able to benefit overall. Regardless of whether Alfie is well enough to travel, he has a right to basic nursing care. As with any sick child or adult, the benefits and burdens of any course of action must be weighed, while of course, no medical decision should ever have the aim of hastening death. In assessing such cases, and patients' ability to benefit, we must always ask if those referring to the 'quality of life' of the patient are in fact presuming some lives have little or no value. Such presumptions have no place in medical assessments, and should never be allowed to influence decisions on treatment or care."


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  • Wendell

    26 April 2018, 4:48pm

    I listened to the statement by Alderhay Hospital read out on the Daily Star and I noted the words that 'our staff go into work everyday intending to do the very best for their patients.' I don't doubt that. I hear that they have received all sorts of abuse and mistaken statement online. Well, I don't want to give any approval to those. But i think they are missing the point; Alderhay say that have done their very best for Alfie Evans, but even they admit they cannot do any more. But why won't they see that they-this hospital, and presumably the rest of the NHS resources available to them,- are not the whole world of medical expertise, equipment, experience and latest techniques. There is a whole world out there which is as advanced or more advanced than Alderhay . Why won't they recognise the importance of possible alternatives, as which saved Ashya King, and give others a chance to help ? The British judge who turned down the application from Alfie's parents seems to be relying entirely on the absolute supremacy of Alder Hay's own capabilities. That is what is wrong. Alder Hay is Not recognised as by far the best in the world. Alderhay should back down and look at Alfie's own interests for any chance that can reasonably be offered.

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