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Defending life
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London Assembly Must Stand Up For Freedom Of Speech

14 December 2017

The London Assembly will be discussing Pro-Life demonstrations outside of abortion providers on the 21st of December.


On December 21st, the London Assembly will be discussing Pro-Life demonstrations outside abortion providers, and whether 'the police, healthcare providers and local authorities have the right powers to protect women wishing to access services.' The Assembly will ask 'the Mayor to clarify the powers to the MPS to arrest and prosecute anti-choice campaigners who resort to obstruction, intimidation and harassment.' 

Commenting on the motion being proposed at the Assembly, Antonia Tully of SPUC said: 
"Intimidation and harassment are wrong, and should be prosecuted, as per existing laws. However. if the Assembly passes the motion and chooses to take further action, they will be joining a growing, illiberal bandwagon, which is threatening the fundamental human right of free speech. The London Assembly will be the latest in a group of public authorities to move towards silencing pro-life groups which work to help and support women."

Mrs Tully added:
"This motion appears to be a step in the direction of introducing 'buffer zones,' which infringe on the free speech of all who peacefully attend these vigils and demonstrations. SPUC, therefore calls on the Assembly, before the vote, to provide evidence that any such obstruction, harassment and intimidation has occurred. We ask Sadiq Khan to defend the freedom of speech of the citizens of London."

Speaking about the important work pro-life groups do, John Smeaton, CEO of SPUC said: 
"The evidence and lived experience from many women highlights the comfort many women in crisis pregnancies have received from pro-life representatives offering them help. This fact is not popular with the politically correct who will not tolerate that their radical pro-abortion attitudes are not accepted by the rest of society."  

Mr Smeaton added: "There has been a determined effort to trump up charges of harassment against pro-life supporters who gently offer a last-minute opportunity for women who need basic support for continuing with their pregnancy, or those who may be feeling coerced by violent partners or parents."

"In ironic terminology worthy of an Orwell novel, Fiona Twycross a member of the London Assembly attacks those she calls 'anti-choice campaigners', but Ms Twycross is determined to deny women a real choice, some of whom may feel they have not been provided with alternatives to abortion." 

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