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CQC investigation exposes illegal abortion practices at Marie Stopes

20 August 2016

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has condemned the reaction of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to the dangerous and illegal abortion practices in private abortion clinics as inadequate, immoral and unlawful collusion in criminal activity. (See: suspend-surgical- abortions-after-surprise-inspectio/)

The law permits abortion only when there is a health risk meaning that continuing the pregnancy is more dangerous than an abortion. The department of health and the CQC disregard the law and thousands of women are mis-certified for abortion. 98% of abortions are certified on mental grounds when there is no real risk to her mental or physical health if she has the baby. These abortions are illegal. If abortion agencies had the welfare of women truly at heart, they would ensure that the illegal practices that Marie Stopes, BPAS, NHS hospitals and others follow were stopped.

Paul Tully, SPUC General Secretary said: "Pregnant women are suffering intolerably. The CQC is defending illegal government abortion policy which kills children and sometimes women too. Women are not being offered proper support when facing difficulties in pregnancy - simply being channelled into the abortion industry funded by the Department of Health.

"Voluntary sector groups like the pro-life organisations, churches and family support groups struggle to provide real practical help but the statutory providers offer pregnant women nothing but abortion. The Departmental policy fuels abortion on an industrial scale - 550 abortions every day in Britain. Abortion is an inherently risky interference in the natural pregnancy process.

"Women like Aisha Chithira who died after a Marie Stopes abortion in Ealing represent only the tip of the iceberg of women who are killed, injured or left with long term problems resulting from infection, extreme emotional distress or the dangerous hormonal changes caused by abortion which can affect breast physiology. Jade Rees who committed suicide 3 weeks after a 'legal' abortion last year shows how dangerous abortion is to women from a mental health perspective."

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