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Selective abortion of baby girls – SPUC welcomes Fiona Bruce initiative

23 February 2015

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has welcomed the move by Fiona Bruce MP to re-state the statutory position on sex selection abortion.

Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, commented: "These moves are welcome because abortion is wrong, and sex selection is wrong".

Fiona Bruce's proposal re-affirms the existing legal position that abortion on the grounds of sex selection is not permitted under the 1967 Abortion Act.

Doctors have already been repeatedly warned that sex-selection abortion is wrong by the Secretary of State for Health, the Department of Health and the government's Chief Medical Officer.

Mrs Bruce has provoked furious opposition from the most radical elements in the pro-abortion lobby, who have now been joined by pro-abortion MPs like Yvette Cooper, Jenny Willott and Sarah Newton in attempts to block the condemnation of aborting baby girls.

Most pro-abortion MPs were initially content to ignore this move because they know it will not change the law. However, the mere restatement of the law has split the ranks of the pro-abortion lobby, dividing feminists who recognise that it is used predominantly to abort girls, from feminists who regard the right to demand an abortion for any reason or no reason as the touchstone of feminist orthodoxy.

The more extreme lobby regard the unborn child as a non-entity and won't face the fact that each baby is either a boy or a girl. Aborting baby girls demeans all women, just as aborting babies because of their disability or racial characteristics demeans others like them. The truth is that every abortion demeans all of us.

"Ms Cooper's statement undermines claims that Labour MPs are free to vote according to conscience on this issue As shadow Home Office Secretary, she has intervened not simply to tell Labour MPs to support abortion, but to support one of the most blatant abuses of the law", concluded Mr Tully.

Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, can be contacted on 07939 178719 or 020 7820 3127. SPUC's communications department can be contacted on:

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