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Child euthanasia proposal in Canada is warning to UK, says SPUC Pro-Life

18 December 2015

Doctor's syringe

A proposal to introduce child euthanasia in Canada is a warning to the UK to be vigilant, says SPUC Pro-Life, a leading anti-euthanasia organisation.

A committee set up to advise Canada's provinces has said that children as young as 12 should be allowed to choose an assisted suicide if they are deemed competent.

Dr Anthony McCarthy of SPUC Pro-Life commented: "There is a logical slippery slope between euthanasia for adults and for children. If death is regarded as a 'benefit' for sick or depressed adults, then it is difficult to see why children should not be given this 'benefit' as well.

Remain vigilant

"Euthanasia and assisted suicide are contrary to the ethos of medicine, which is to care, not kill. The UK must remain vigilant against the introduction of euthanasia by act or by omission. We must also ensure that treatment is only withdrawn from patients of any age for a good medical reason. The motive for withdrawing treatment should never be to end a life."

For more detailed comments or an interview with Dr McCarthy, please contact Anthony Ozimic, SPUC Pro-Life's Media Manager, on:

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