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SPUC warns of political trick by Marie Stopes International

3 April 2005

SPUC warns of political trick by Marie Stopes International London, 3 April 2005 - The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has warned that a call by Marie Stopes International to lower the abortion time limit is a political trick and based upon a lie. John Smeaton, SPUC's national director, said: "This move matches other attempts by other leaders in the pro-abortion campaign actually to make abortion more freely available. "It is totally untrue to suggest that the current limit for abortion is 24 weeks. It is actually available up till birth if the baby is suspected of having a disability, and for other reasons. Marie Stopes are not calling for increased protection for unborn disabled babies, who, under these proposals, would continue to be aborted up till birth. "Leopards do not change their spots. We have no doubt that Marie Stopes will be supporting Lord (David) Steel's proposal that abortions in the early months of pregnancy be completely deregulated. It is a key objective of organisations such as Marie Stopes that there should be a right to abortion, and this is what they want to achieve in law. Marie Stopes promotes abortion worldwide, including in countries whose laws protect unborn children. "The pro-life movement mustn't fall again for a trick of the kind which was played on it 15 years ago. At that time, a move which purported to lower the age limit for abortion actually made it higher. Until 1990, babies capable of being born alive were protected by the Infant Life Preservation Act. Some babies can survive from as early as 22 weeks. After 1990 the Infant Life Preservation Act no longer applied to abortions. The limit for most abortions was raised to 24 weeks, except where a baby is disabled (and for some other reasons).Under the new law passed in 1990, these babies could be killed right up to the moment of birth. "The pro-life movement, and society in general, must wake up to what is really going on here."

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