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Defending life
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Schoolgirl abortion 'government sanctioned child abuse'

13 May 2004

Schoolgirl abortion 'government-sanctioned child abuse' WESTMINSTER, 13 May, 2004 - The news that a fourteen-year-old girl was given the abortion-inducing RU-486 drug without her parents' knowledge has been described by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children as 'government-sanctioned child abuse.' A spokesman for SPUC stated: "This tragic case highlights only too clearly the human cost of the government's promotion of birth control and abortion in schools. As her mother rightly said, the abortion will affect this girl for the rest of her life, long after the school's so-called 'support' for her has come to an end. For the school to defend actions that led to a fourteen-year-old destroying the life of her unborn baby whilst her family were deliberately kept in the dark is arrogant and irresponsible." SPUC's sister organisation British Victims of Abortion offers confidential counselling and support for all those struggling after an abortion experience. Their helpline can be reached at: 0845 603 8501 There are important questions to be asked about a case such as this: how much was she told before going ahead with the abortion? How much time was she given to really think about what she was agreeing to? SPUC is committed to giving young people the full facts about abortion, abortifacient birth control drugs and the physical, emotional and psychological consequences of abortion. For further information, contact Paul Tully on 0207 2225845 or 07939 178719, or John Smeaton on 07785 325808

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