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SPUC criticises proposed use of abortion pills at home

9 August 2004

SPUC criticises proposed use of abortion pills at home London, 9 August 2004 - The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has criticised proposals to allow women to use RU-486 abortion pills at home. Mrs Eileen Brydon of SPUC said: "This is a tragedy. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service tried this three years ago and there was an outcry then. Both the mother's and the baby's lives are trivialised by this proposal. Not only does every abortion lead to the death of an unborn baby, but the potential physical and psychological consequences which affect the mother are also being overlooked. "The government has admitted that there have been at least two deaths from this drug. The manufacturer of Mifegyne has conceded that the drug is not easy to administer, and that using it is an appalling psychological ordeal. Women are not being given all the facts, including the increased risk of ectopic pregnancies which can be life-threatening to the mother. "In some cases, the second dose is not successful in expelling the baby and the placenta, and women have to undergo surgery. This only adds to the trauma and the physical risk. All too often we hear of women expelling their dead babies after such an abortion, and being upset and traumatised. "Women who have had abortions tell me that, while they are led to believe that abortion solves the problem of an unplanned pregnancy, they find the emotional cost can be enormous and they can be preoccupied with what happened for years afterwards. They can be angry that they have not been told the truth and they bitterly regret their decision to have abortion."

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