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SPUC welcomes initiative on informed consent for pregnant women

31 March 2003

SPUC welcomes initiative on informed consent for pregnant women Westminster, 31 March 2003--The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has welcomed a proposal by Conservatives for pregnant women to be given full, accurate and impartial information when considering an abortion. The proposal of the Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF) would require women to be informed of the nature, dangers and alternatives to abortion, and offered information about the development of the unborn child. SPUC political secretary Anthony Ozimic commented: "We welcome this proposal to give women the full facts about abortion, which is one of the most commonly performed gynaecological procedures in Britain. Our objection to abortion is rooted in the principle of the right to life, and we aim for full legal protection of the unborn baby's rights. But we recognise that under current abortion laws - which mean abortion virtually on demand - women often find that they are under enormous pressure, but poorly informed about the reality of abortion and its possible aftermath. A requirement to ensure that properly informed consent was obtained could create an opportunity for women to pause before undertaking this irrevocable step." Mr. Ozimic continued: "Pregnant women are often under intense pressure from partners, friends, family, and doctors and abortion can seem to be the only option. Experienced pregnancy counsellors will report that many women and girls are making decisions to have abortions with little or no information about the development of their baby and the physical and psychological risks of abortion to themselves. "Although we look forward to the repeal of the law allowing abortion, we hope that in the meantime this proposal for informed consent is adopted not just as Conservative party policy, but by all parties, the medical profession and other relevant groups", Mr Ozimic concluded.

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