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Defending life
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SPUC rejects Lib Dem attack on pro child campaign

23 August 2002

SPUC rejects Lib Dem attack on pro-child campaign Westminster, 23 August 2002--The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has expressed dismay at the Liberal Democrats' condemnation of SPUC's anti-morning-after pill campaign. In a press release today, Liberal Democrat health spokesman Sandra Gidley has criticised SPUC for allegedly supporting the bringing of "unwanted" babies into the world. SPUC national director John Smeaton commented: "We thought that responsible politicians had gotten beyond the hackneyed dogma that unborn children should be destroyed in order to make 'every child a wanted child'. The supply of the abortion-inducing morning-after pill by Sainsbury's and other outlets devalues early human life." Mr Smeaton continued: "Moreover, as public policy, liberal access to the morning-after pill has and will continue to fail to reduce teenage pregnancies, as the recent study by Dr David Paton of Nottingham University has shown. In fact, Office of National Statistics figures indicate that teenage pregnancies rose after the morning-after pill was made easily available from GPs and family planning clinics. "Considering that up to 25% of her general election expenses were paid for by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, one is entitled to raise the question: Does Mrs Gidley have a vested interest in ensuring morning-after pill access in pharmacies?", Mr Smeaton concluded.

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