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Northern Ireland pro lifers concerned at FPA's judicial review application success

13 June 2001

Northern Ireland pro-lifers concerned at FPA's judicial review application success Belfast, 13 June 2001--Pro-lifers in Northern Ireland have reacted with concern after the High Court granted leave to the Family Planning Association (FPA) to bring a judicial review of abortion law here. Mr John Smeaton, UK director of SPUC, was himself present at today's hearing in Belfast and explained why SPUC sought to intervene in the case. He said: "By involving ourselves, we are representing the large majority of Northern Ireland's people, both unionist and nationalist, who oppose the liberalisation of abortion laws, and with whom we have been working closely both here and in the Westminster parliament for over three decades." Mrs Betty Gibson, SPUC Northern Ireland organiser, said: "Let there be no doubt about the fact that the aim of the FPA's action is to liberalise abortion law here. The FPA is part of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which is committed to introducing abortion on demand throughout the world. "By claiming that Northern Ireland's abortion law is in need of clarification, the FPA is employing the same tactic used by pro-abortionists in Britain and elsewhere. However, we absolutely reject their claim. Abortion law is perfectly clear in Northern Ireland, and the vast majority of doctors know exactly what the situation is. The tactic is a cynical ploy on the part of the FPA which must be seen for what it is. "We are deeply concerned by this development and will do all we can to represent the will of Northern Ireland's people by arguing against the FPA's case."

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