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Defending life
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Fresh evidence on foetal pain: Legalised abortion is simply barbarism

29 August 2000

Fresh evidence on foetal pain: "Legalised abortion is simply barbarism" Westminster, 29 August 2000--Fresh evidence that some unborn children may feel pain during abortion means that all unborn children should be given greater legal protection, according to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). "Suggestions that some babies should be anaesthetised before abortion, or for abortions to take place earlier, completely miss the point," said John Smeaton, SPUC national director. "The concern expressed by doctors and the public regarding foetal pain is related to our sense of guilt at killing a fellow human being. The logical thing for society to do in the face of the growing evidence of foetal sentience is to pass legislation which stops the current practice of abortion virtually on demand, and which gives mothers-to-be the practical support worthy of a civilised society. The scientific evidence is mounting to show that legalised abortion is simply barbarism." SPUC also points out that the anatomical structures necessary for the appreciation of pain are present in the unborn child before 10 weeks of foetal development.

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