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Defending life
from conception to natural death



A laughing baby

Unlike the abortion industry, we don't get funding from the government or big businesses.

Instead, we rely on the generosity of members of the public like you who care for the plight of the unborn and other vulnerable human beings.

Could you donate now to save an unborn child's life?

  • £10 could pay for 250 campaign leaflets which inform the general public about the humanity of the unborn child and the threats he/she faces each day
  • £20 could pay for 30 expert briefings for MPs about bills in Parliament demonstrating to politicians the strength of the pro-life case
  • £50 could could pay for the placards used in SPUC’s roadside pro-life chains of witness that get across our message to thousands of motorists

If you're able to give a larger gift, say £500 or £1000, then your action could allow SPUC to respond to an emergency request for help from an expectant mother desperate for basic baby equipment and clothing.

Direct Debit

And if you're able to commit to protecting the unborn with a monthly direct debit gift, that will give us the stability to plan for the future:

  • £5 per month could help fund a SPUC school talk, bringing the truth about abortion directly to young people in the classroom
  • £10 per month could help SPUC provide doctors' surgeries with factual pro-life materials which offer pro-life alternatives to patients considering abortion
  • £15 per month (about 50p a day) could help provide a pregnant mother in crisis with the support she needs to keep her baby

(As well as donating to SPUC, you can help us by inviting other people to donate as well - see our fundraising page for more information)

  Donate to save lives

One-Off Donations

If you'd like to give a single donation by card, you can do so using the buttons above. First, select "Single", then either select or type the amount you wish to donate. Click "Donate Now" and follow the instructions for a card donation. You can also give a card donation over the phone by contacting us on 020 7091 7091.

We also welcome donations by cheque. Cheques should be made out to "SPUC". The envelope should be addressed to SPUC, Unit B, 3 Whitacre Mews, Stannary Street, London SE11 4AB . You may also include a cover letter asking for the donation to be put to a specific cause.

You can make a one-off or recurring donation via PayPal here.

PayPal donations are also accepted through the SPUC Shop. After adding an item to your cart, you can add a discretionary donation from your shopping cart (note: you must add an item to your cart first). If you would like to make a donation alone, and no longer wish to purchase the item, you may remove items from your shopping cart and proceed to Checkout, where you can give the donation with PayPal, or your credit/debit card.

You can also leave a legacy for unborn children with SPUC. Click the link to find out more.

Thank you for your generous support of our life-saving work.

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  Donate to save lives


I am eternally grateful for the help SPUC gave me and for giving hope to many mothers, who like me, may find themselves pregnant and alone with no one to turn to