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Scottish pro-life students are being subjected to unjust censorship at the crippling hands of their Universities. Contrary to the Public Sector Equality Duty, outlined in the Equality Act, students from both The University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde have been silenced in their quest to form pro-life societies, with such organisations now forbidden on campus. Once seen as a market place of ideas, a bastion of defiant free speech and radical debate, universities held the duty of broadening minds, expression and thought. This now blatant attack on the views and freedoms of pro-life students only highlights the crumbling pillars of academia, democracy and discussion, with the pro-life vision now supressed within.


In a harrowing shift towards the decriminalisation of abortion, the Scottish Government has declared that women would be permitted to take the second abortion pill (misoprostol) at home. With this perilous decision made without crucial parliamentary scrutiny or public consultation, this move ultimately signifies a severe threat to the health and well-being of women. Recent evidence has exposed the high risk complications abortion pills can induce compared to surgical terminations. In 2016, 206 women in England and Wales faced medical complications including haemorrhage and sepsis, all before leaving an abortion clinic.


SPUC Scotland has served papers to the Scottish Government regarding their dangerous decision allowing the second abortion pill to be taken at home. Defying the requirements of the 1967 Abortion Act, this decision is alarmingly unlawful.  SPUC Scotland stand firm in the belief that the designation of a woman’s home for an abortion to take place is unacceptable. With no medical oversight or the guarantee of the medication being consumed correctly or even at all, the decision by Scottish Government reveals a strong disregard for basic health and wellbeing. See more...


In November 2017, SPUC launched Abortion and Women's Health. This document is an evidence-based review for medical  professionals of the impact of abortion on women’s physical and mental health.

This campaign focuses on the evidential based review by Dr. Greg Pike and this documentation reveals the psychological, physical and emotional affects the abortion procedure has upon women.

Key Findings include:

  • Women who have had an abortion are six times more likely to commit suicide, compared to those women who carried pregnancies to term.
  • Following an abortion, a woman’s risk of depression increases by 30%, she faces a 25% increased risk of anxiety.
  • Women who have had an abortion face a greater risk of psychiatric admission compared to women who give birth.
  • Women who decided to terminate an un-intended pregnancy faced a greater risk of substance abuse and self-harm, compared to those who decided to carry their un-intended pregnancy to term.


Women from Northern Ireland can now access free abortions through the Scotland’s National Health Service. The Scottish Government has declared these services accessible to Northern Irish women free of charge which include; the termination, contraceptives and sexual health treatment. Estimations have revealed this decision will cost £98,000, which is prone to rise based on the numbers accessing the services. This decision not only disrespects the sovereignty of Northern Ireland, but it re-affirms the severity of societal failure in which women feel they must choose between social commodities and the life of their child. A society where face not choice, but a lack of options and support.