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Defending life
from conception to natural death



  • UK abortions to reduce multiple births on the rise

    05 January 2012

    ] Elderly 'robbed of dignity' by failing social services, say charities [Independent Catholic News, 3

  • Assisted suicide report from Falconer's stacked commission is worthless says SPUC

    05 January 2012

    services, say charities [Independent Catholic News, 3 January] Catholic archbishop of Cardiff

  • Abortion and disability: some recent updates

    09 August 2012

    the killing of children, in the womb or outside it. Charities and associations exist which

  • 30 November 2004

    30 November 2004

    and charities such as Mencap are expected to fight the proposals. [This is Jersey, 30 November ] Korean

  • News, 17 June 2004

    17 June 2004

    the cost of regulation. Many universities and charities involved with embryonic stem cell research

  • News, 16 February 2004

    16 February 2004

    baby hatches in Germany, mainly supported by the Catholic Church and other Christian charities

  • News, 18 October 2004

    18 October 2004

    Service. The Charity Commission, which regulates charities in England and Wales, has asked to view

  • Doctors must consult before issuing "Do Not Resuscitate" notes

    18 June 2014

    charities [Christian Institute, 17 June] Communique from pro-life conference in Abuja, Nigeria

  • News, 18 November 2003

    18 November 2003

    18 November 2003 A number of charities and campaigning organisations have come out in support... will be disturbed to know that leading charities have been infiltrated by the euthanasia movement, to the extent that some of these charities now officially backing moves that will legalise euthanasia

  • News, 19 February 2003

    19 February 2003

    19 February 2003 A coalition of about 20 organisations in the UK, including charities such as Mencap and Age Concern, has formed a new group called the Making Decisions Alliance (MDA) to campaign for new legislation on the treatment of mentally incapacitated adults in England and Wales. Speaking

  • News, 14 April 2003

    14 April 2003

    . A spokesman for the Association of Medical Research Charities welcomed news of the application, but warned

  • 18 July 2011

    18 July 2011

    bans all prostitution ads [, 15 July ] * Catholic Charities USA works

  • 24 February 2011

    24 February 2011

    Catholic charities committee stacked with pro-abortion politicians [, 23 February

  • 29 March 2011

    29 March 2011

    to force Catholic Charities out of adoptions [, 28 March ] * Priest urges Ecuador's

  • Abortion bosses paid huge bonuses out of tax payer money

    19 December 2016

    by the taxpayer. Heads of charities, including abortion providers Marie Stopes and International Planned... by the Daily Mail. The newspaper has looked into several major charities which receive millions in British.... Among the other charities singled out for paying excessive salaries is Save the Children, which

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