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Defending life from the moment of conception

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What we do

John Smeaton, Mary Doogan, Connie Wood & Paul Tully
The Glasgow Midwives, Mary Doogan and Connie Wood, outside the Supreme Court

We work to build a society free from abortion. Abortion is the biggest killer of children in the world today, and over 8.3 million unborn children have lost their lives in Britain since the Abortion Act came into force in 1968.

As well as fighting abortion, we also campaign against other direct threats to the lives of vulnerable individuals, such as euthanasia and embryo abuse. We need to have a consistent life ethic - to value the lives of all human beings equally - but at the centre of this must always be recognising the humanity of the child in the womb.

Our principles

We base all our work on these principles of natural justice:

  • it is wrong to kill innocent human beings 
  • everyone should be treated equally
  • all human beings are people with rights
  • children deserve special protection and care
  • the weakest in society must be protected by the law

These are principles that everyone can agree on, whatever their political, religious or cultural beliefs.

Our areas

In order to end abortion, it's not enough solely to lobby MPs or care for women in crisis pregnancies or educate young people - rather, we need to do all of those things and more!

The scope of our work extends from raising public awareness, to showing young people the pro-life facts in schools, to supporting doctors and parents who are standing up for life against the pressures they face. A lot of our work involves lobbying Parliament - SPUC was founded to oppose changes which undermined legal protection for the unborn in Great Britain. However, as the first pro-life campaign organisation established in the world, we have also developed a role in international lobbying, such as at the United Nations.

By protecting unborn children at all levels of society - from Westminster, inside schools, to the courts - we're defending life against multiple threats.

Our strengths

We are the oldest pro-life organisation in the world (founded in 1967) and as such, we have built up extensive experience in all the pro-life areas that we cover. Read more about the successes we've had here.

We are the largest pro-life grassroots organisation in the UK, with over 100 branches and 45,000 supporters across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (where abortion remains illegal, thanks in large part to our efforts). Join our national movement for life.

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Ronald Reagan

I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born