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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Become a SPUC schools speaker

Eileen Brydon

SPUC has, for decades, sent trained speakers into secondary schools and sixth form colleges across the country, to bring the pro-life message to young people. Our current presentation on abortion takes students through the reality of abortion, its legal status, the effects of abortion on mothers, the scientific facts regarding the beginning of life and foetal development.

Eileen Brydon (above), SPUC's education officer, has this to say: "Every time a SPUC speaker speaks to students they are touching the hearts and minds of future generations. That is because they are speaking the truth. A SPUC schools speaker will both change and save lives".

We ensure that children learn about prolife issues in an age-appropriate manner which enables them to see the wonders of human development and the need for society to respect the dignity of the human person from the moment of conception. Our work continues as we develop new talks on topics such as euthanasia, overpopulation and reproductive technologies. Thousands and thousands of schoolchildren have learnt the prolife message via the SPUC schools talk, information that is usually denied to them or worse, undermined by messages in sex education classes and elsewhere.

Our work is carried out thanks to a dedicated team of speakers on our staff and of volunteers who devote their spare to time to carry out this valuable work. We train speakers to deliver the talk in schools across the land. You too can be part of this very valuable work, work which may give some children the only chance to encounter a systematic, detailed and fully-supported presentation of the pro-life message.

To learn more about becoming a SPUC school speaker, please contact our education team on:
Phone: 01733 668740

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