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In general, SPUC recommends lobbying Lords by post rather than by email, because Lords are more likely to read, take seriously and reply to postal letters.

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Writing to Lords

You can write to any Lord at the following address:

House of Lords

If you do lobby a Lord by email, SPUC does not recommend emailing more than one Lord at a time. In any email message you send to lobby a Lord:

  • the To field should only contain one Lord's email address, and the Cc and Bcc fields left blank.
  • the Subject line should be short and clear e.g. "Please vote against [...] bill on [date]".
  • start with one of the following salutations:
    • Lord (or Viscount, Earl etc) as "Dear Lord [surname]"
    • Baroness as "Dear Lady [surname]"
    • Archbishop or Duke as "Your Grace"
    • Bishop as "My Lord"
  • write in your own words, and keep it brief and courteous.
  • end "Yours sincerely".
  • add your real full name and at least the town/city where you live, if not your full postal address.

Please remember always to forward any replies you receive from Lords to Katherine Hampton at:

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