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Mothers we've helped

Gamu and her daughter Michaela

Gamu with her daughter Michaela
Gamu chose life for her baby because of the help SPUC provided

"I was studying for my post-graduate programme when I found out that I was expecting. There couldn't have been a worse time; I was not married and I still had so much more I wanted to achieve.

In the initial moments of finding out that I was pregnant, a lot of confusing thoughts went through my head. I started researching on having the pregnancy terminated, as my partner had made it clear that he did not want to have a child.

However, I was brought up a Christian and had always held very clear views about abortions and a part of me loved this life growing inside of me and knew it was precious in God's eyes.

I found SPUC

During my searches online, exploring the possibility of having the pregnancy terminated, I stumbled across the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children's website.

When I telephoned SPUC, I was petrified. Everyone I had spoken to up to that point about the fact that I was expecting was judgemental and disapproving.

However, to my surprise, a warm lady took the call and from that point, my life changed. She listened to my problems and for the first time, someone was truly excited about my baby and throughout my pregnancy she would call to find out how I was getting on.

So grateful

My daughter Michaela which means 'who is like God' was born on 21st September 2008. She is beautiful. If someone had told me back when I discovered I was pregnant that things will get better, I would have dismissed them, as at the time, I had lost all my friends, the dream of a perfect wedding and the support of my family.

Michaela is now 4 years old and she recently gained admission to a highly academically selective school. I sat my legal practice course (LPC) exams whilst I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy and passed. My partner and I are now married and my parents are very proud grandparents!

I am eternally grateful for the help SPUC gave me and for giving hope to many mothers, who like me, may find themselves pregnant and alone with no one to turn to."

Mandy and her daughter Mary

Mandy with her two children
SPUC was able to provide Mandy with reassurance

"When the radiographer finally spoke she said "There is a problem with the spine". I asked what she meant and she said "Sorry, it's spina bifida".

My husband William and I felt like the bottom had just dropped out of our whole world. The baby that we had longed for and had dreamed of running around and playing with our son suddenly was taken away from us and we were presented with a very different future.

At that point we wanted to talk to someone about it. We felt very down and confused. I phoned SPUC and started talking to a lady called Linda. She listened and listened. She knew some members of SPUC who'd had experience of spina bifida and hydrocephalus. We got in touch and got the reassurance that a parent with a child that must have extra help needs.

We love our daughter

At 4.50am on Christmas morning our baby, Mary, arrived. She was taken to Nottingham's QMC Hospital and operated on for her spina bifida and on 19th January 2011 she had a shunt fitted for her hydrocephalus, not sure which was scarier.

Today Mary is a beautiful gorgeous girl. We are so lucky that she can run and play. To look at her you would not know she has a disability. We know there will be difficulties ahead, but all we see is our daughter whom we love with all our hearts. We will do what has to be done, as any parent would.

There is a lot of doom and gloom out there on the internet about spina bifida and hydrocephalus. SPUC gave us the information we needed and the people to talk to about our situation. A big thank you to SPUC and all its supporters for all your help and guidance - without any judgements - at a time when it was needed most."

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I am eternally grateful for the help SPUC gave me and for giving hope to many mothers, who like me, may find themselves pregnant and alone with no one to turn to