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Defending life
from conception to natural death



Secondary school pupils studying in the classroom
SPUC works in schools, colleges and universities across the UK

Secondary schools & colleges

It's essential that students learn the truth about human development in the womb, and the value that each and every human life has.

SPUC works in schools, to teach these basic facts to future generations. Our trained speakers go into schools, colleges and universities to teach people about the reality behind abortion.

Head to our School Talk page for more information, and to book a talk at your school, or to the University page for more information on how SPUC supports pro-life University students.

Educational Resources

To learn more about the right to life, abortiondiscrimination against unborn children with disabilities, and other connected questions, please head over to the Abortion section, or see our FAQ's.

Sex Education

Safe at School campaigns against the sexualisation of children and teenagers by explicit classroom sex education. Safe at School promotes a different approach to sex education: Parents are the primary educators of their children in sexual matters, and it is the role of parents to talk about the intimate details of human sexuality to their own children in the privacy of their home. Safe at School advises and supports parents... find out more....


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Nelson Mandela

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world