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Defending life
from conception to natural death


The Big Abortion Debate - Dr Helen Watt vs Dr Anthony McCarthy

9 March 2014 SPUC Youth Conference 2014

Doctors Helen Watt and Anthony McCarthy debate the issue "Is Abortion Always Wrong?".

With Anthony playing the role of devil's advocate, Helen & Anthony explore common pro-abortion arguments and demonstrate how none of them hold up under scrutiny. If you've ever wondered how to break through the rhetoric of "pro-choice" slogans, this video is a must-watch!

Helen is the author of Life and Death in Healthcare Ethics (Routledge) and Childbearing: The Ethics of Pregnancy, Abortion, and Childbirth (forthcoming); she has also edited several books in bioethics and in reproductive ethics.

Anthony is a bioethicist at SPUC where he is Education and Publications Manager; he is also a visiting lecturer at the International Theological Institute at Trumau, Austria. He specialises in sexual ethics on which he has published academic articles and is preparing a book. He is the author of Cloning and Stem Cell Research (CTS).

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