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Defending life
from conception to natural death


John Deighan on BBC Radio Scotland: "the pro-abortion movement wants to shut down conversation..."

22 May 2018 YouTube
SPUC Scotland CEO John Deighan on BBC Radio Scotland with Kaye Adams discussing a potential ban of pro-life vigils in Scotland.
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  • Alice

    26 May 2018, 2:53pm

    Abortion kills another human being. This is incredibly serious. We need to pray for an end to abortion. We need to pray for both the Mother and child, as well as the Father. God acts powerfully through prayer. We need to publicly witness to the tragedy of abortion.
    Every life is precious, and it is no less precious for being in the womb.
    Children with Down Syndrome have just as much right to live as anyone else, too.
    Let us help pregnant women in need, women who have already suffered abortions, and value people with disabilities. Thankyou John Deighan for courageously and compassionately standing up for the truth.

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