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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Antonia Tully v James Whale

23 July 2017

On Sunday 23 July 2017, SPUC's Antonia Tully appeared on the James Whale show on Talk Radio to discuss Boots and the morning-after pill, but discussion led on to other things! You can listen to the whole show here: 

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  • Hugh McGill

    17 October 2017, 11:33pm

    I have just listened to James Whale's interview with Antonia Tully of SPUC. What a shockingly unprofessional performance he gave. Throughout the interview he was condescending, arrogant and bullying. The issue of ''abortion' is about the deliberate ending of a human life. The human in question is the unborn baby in a woman's womb. This is a serious matter and it deserves much greater respect and consideration than James showed. It is a lie to say that the abortion is about what the woman does to her own body. Either James is unaware of the biological facts or he chooses to ignore the clear and unequivocal science relevant to this issue because it does not suit what he wants to believe or promote.
    Here are the facts: at the moment of fertilisation a new and different type of cell is formed. It is not a human ovum. The human ovum on its own is not able to grow and develop into a human baby. Similarly the cell formed at fertilisation is not sperm. A sperm on its own is not able to grow and develop into a human baby.
    The cell which is formed at fertilisation has different DNA from the the father and its DNA is also different from the mother.
    James also suggested that SPUC was trying to force women who have been raped from carrying their babies to term. He is clearly not well informed about recent actions of the pro-abortion lobby on this issue. A hotel in Dublin had agreed to host a meeting at which women who had been raped or had been born as a result of rape were to speak about their experiences. Before the event was due to take place the hotel and members of its staff received hostile and threatening messages. Due to the severity of these threats the hotel decided that it would no longer be able to host the event. This also happened when a hotel in Cork was due to host a similar event.
    The threatened violence did not prevent the events from taking place - they took place in public spaces outside the hotels.
    So James tell me, who is trying to force women into something? Those who want to hear the truth from women who have direct experience of post-rape pregnancy or pro-abortion supporters like him?
    Yes James your bias on this issue shone through what should have been your impartial approach to discussing this life and death issue.

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