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Defending life
from conception to natural death


The Way Ahead

25 September 2016 SPUC 50th Anniversary Conference 2016

Talk title: The Way Ahead

SPUC Chief Executive and National Director John Smeaton's final address to our 50th Anniversary Conference.

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  • Nora Bennis

    21 October 2016, 1:29pm

    I believe if we are to end abortion globally we need to look at how and from where it got - and still gets - its power. Alan Guttmacker made it clear how abortion would be secured. He used just two words - sex education! I learned this from SPUC years ago. The Sexual Revolution is the enemy. It is the "thing" that is fuelling the abortion industry and will continue to do so until the pro-life movement unites to put an end to it. We must unite and with one voice proclaim a counter-sexual revolution. Everyone is aware of the rotten fruits of the sexual revolution - the explosion in abortion, in fornication, sodomy, adultery and resulting breakdown of the Family, in STDs, in the growth in paedophilia and sex abuse, in poor self-image leading to anorexia and self-harm, drugs and a myriad of addictions. Everyone knows the fruits but how many know the cause? How many are really aware that they have been deluded?

    The pro-life movement has been hacking at the branches of this demonic tree for long enough. It's time to hack it down at its very roots.

    Let's start a Counter-Sexual Revolution. I believe the world is ready for the hard truth.

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