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GMC suspends doctor filmed agreeing to abort foetus because it was baby girl 

A doctor filmed agreeing to sex-selective abortion has been suspended by the General Medical Council. Dr Raj Mohan, of the Calthorpe Clinic, Birmingham, is under investigation following revelations by The Telegraph newspaper. Two other doctors involved have also been suspended pending investigations. [Mail, 12 March]

Pro-abortion leader admits: sex-selective abortion is dilemma for 'pro-choice' lobby

The leader of Britain's oldest pro-abortion group has admitted that sex-selective abortion is a dilemma for the so-called 'pro-choice' lobby. Julia Bentley, head of the Family Planning Association (FPA), wrote that she has "felt personally conflicted on the matter" and that "I don't think there are simple answers to dilemmas of this complexity and I'm not afraid to say I certainly don't have them." [Huffington Post, 12 March] Anthony Ozimic of SPUC commented: "Ms Bentley's admission proves that the pro-abortion lobby has no convincing answers to the scandal of sex-selective abortion."

UK government calls for more contraception and sex ed to reduce teen pregnancies

British government health ministers have called for more contraception and sex education in response to higher rates of teenage pregnancies in some parts of the country. In a joint statement, Sarah Teather and Paul Burstow said: "The evidence shows that comprehensive education about relationships and sex (SRE), combined with easy access to effective contraception are the two essential ingredients for reducing teenage pregnancy. Every young person needs decent SRE and contraception advice" [Children & Young People Now, 12 March] However, research by Professor David Paton has shown that promoting sex education and contraception does not reduce teenage pregnancy.

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