News, 15 November 2011

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Andrea Bocelli, opera star, speaks out against abortion

Andrea Bocelli, the Italian opera star, has spoken about his opposition to abortion. In an interview in London, he said: “It is not Christian to go against someone. I am in favour of life. And, of course, personally I do not share the idea of being able to interrupt life arbitrarily." Mr Bocelli's mother had rejected pressure to have an abortion. [Telegraph, 14 November]

Pope says destroying embryos always wrong regardless of potential benefit

Pope Benedict XVI has said that the killing of human embryos is always wrong regardless of any potential benefit. He made the comments to participants in a conference on adult stem cell research at the Vatican. [AP via Yahoo!, 12 November] Decades of destructive embryo research have provided no direct therapeutic benefits to patients. 

SPUC Pro-Life is speaking out against Dr Philip Nitschke, suicide promoter

SPUC Pro-Life is speaking out against the latest UK tour of Dr Philip Nitschke, the notorious promoter of suicide methods. It has contacted the venues where Dr Nitschke is due to appear to urge them to cancel his appearances. SPUC Pro-Life is also emailing other users of the venues, local MPs, local councillors and local religious leaders, urging them also to contact the venues to complain. [John Smeaton, 11 November]

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