News, 12 January 2011

Irish abortion lobby use European court ruling to push for legalised abortion

The Irish abortion lobby is using a mixed ruling in the European Court of Human Rights to push for legalised abortion in Ireland. The Court ruled that a woman who was unable to procure an abortion while in remission from cancer had been denied her medical options. Mary Harney, the pro-abortion Irish health minister, said that the government would be seeking legal advice on implementing legislation allowing abortion. Eamon Gilmore, the Labour Party leader, said that Irish law must allow abortion where a mother's health is at risk. Liam Gibson, director of SPUC Northern Ireland, said the Labour Party was ignoring the European ruling and acting on an ideological commitment to promote abortion on demand. [, 6 January

Abby Johnson, former abortion centre director, gives hope for the unborn

Abby Johnson, the former director of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, has released a new book explaining her conversion to pro-life values. In the book 'unPLANNED', Abby Johnson explains that during the first time she was asked to assist with an abortion she realised that the work she had been involved with for years was a lie. Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's communications manager, said that Abby's story gives us a glimmer of hope that the abortion industry may one day collapse from the inside. [John Smeaton, 11 January

SPUC director claims that recent stories show abortion follows in the wake of contraception

A study of women in Spain shows that abortion rates and contraception rates rose in parallel between 1997 and 2007. Secondly, among a large number of British women whose contraceptives failed, some went on to have abortions. John Smeaton, national director of SPUC, has said that both stories provide evidence of the close relationship between contraception and abortion. Mr Smeaton says that the provision of contraception not only fails to prevent unplanned pregnancies, but results in unborn children being victimised to death as the unwelcome consequences of so-called contraceptive failure. [John Smeaton, 5 January





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