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Welsh Assembly Urged Not to Follow Scottish “unlawful, unmanageable and unsafe” Approach to Abortion

7 March 2018


Last night Labour Assembly Member Jenny Rathbone called on the Welsh Government to broaden the list of locations at which an abortion can legally take place to include a woman's home.

Responding to this proposal, Michael Robinson, Campaigns Director of leading Pro-Life group SPUC Scotland said: 

“SPUC Scotland are deeply disappointed and concerned by the moves by certain AMs to call on the Welsh Executive to introduce "DIY" abortion. Any move to liberalise abortion legislation is unlawful, unmanageable and unsafe for the many women harmed and/or coerced into an abortion decision.”

The Scottish Government introduced such a measure in October 2017 and SPUC are currently pursuing a legal case to challenge this provision, as it falls out with the scope of the 1967 Abortion Act. 

“We believe that such a scheme amounts to authorising backstreet abortions,” Mr Robinson continued. “Indeed, such a move not only poses   potential health risks for many women but trivialises the rights and lives of their babies.

The move by the Scottish Government is completely out of step with the majority of ordinary Scots, as per a Comres Poll of January 2018.”

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