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SPUC plans to open new offices in Belfast to expand its operations

13 August 2018

Pro-life campaigners are stepping up their fight against the proposed legalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has revealed plans to open new offices in Belfast to expand its operations.

The move comes as the pro-abortion lobby steps up its own efforts to overturn existing legislation which effectively bans terminations except in clearly defined circumstances.

SPUC is the world’s oldest pro-life group and was formed in 1967 and has had a presence in Northern Ireland for more than 35 years. It is represented by political officer Liam Gibson who will take charge of the new office and recruit one new member of staff immediately with the possibility of more jobs later.

Mr Gibson said:

“Our decision to expand our activities in Northern Ireland comes at a time when the country is coming under pressure on abortion like never before. Along with Malta, Northern Ireland is now the only place in Europe which recognises the right to life before birth. Yet the international abortion lobby is prepared to work night and day to stamp out the last areas of resistance to the killing of unborn children.

“The result of the recent referendum in the Republic of Ireland has left Northern Ireland isolated and fuelled the clamour for change from the pro-abortion lobby here. But most of that pressure is from the abortion lobby outside the Province.

“We are facing a twin-pronged attack from pro-abortionists in Westminster who are seeking to override devolution and impose decriminalisation on Northern Ireland through the House of Commons while the Stormont Assembly - which has legal authority over abortion law -  is in limbo.

“At the same time the Dublin government, which denied people north of the border a vote in the referendum, says it will be happy to kill our children when its abortion law comes into effect in the Republic.”

John Deighan, deputy chief executive of SPUC, said:

“This is a massively important time for the pro-life movement as our fundamental beliefs and those of many people in Northern Ireland are facing an unprecedented challenge from those who think nothing of the rights of the voiceless unborn children nor the health of their mothers.

“The risks are horrendous and range from increased risk of death, including by suicide, among women who undergo abortions to increased psychological harm for women who terminate because of foetal anomaly and the links between abortion and depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder.”

“This increase in our activity in Northern ireland will involve a significant financial commitment but you cannot put a price on the life of a child and our supporters have been enormously generous in assisting the funding of our charity. Without their support this would not be possible.”

Mr Deighan continued:

“Pro-abortion groups promote abortion on a massive scale.  They want unlimited abortion.

“They want to establish the killing of babies as part of the NHS and demand public funding of abortions.  The abortion industry in mainland Britain makes a fortune because the NHS pays commercial abortion providers to kill babies.

“SPUC exists now for the same reason it was created in 1967. To protect human life from conception. To fight for the rights of those who cannot defend themselves.

“To give voice to the voiceless - the unknown, the unseen, the unheard. To make the world hear the silent screams of babies being killed on an industrial scale.

“Since 1967, an estimated 100,000 babies have been born in Northern Ireland who would not have lived had the Abortion Act been introduced, while 8.7 million unborn children have been killed in the rest of the UK - that’s almost FIVE times the 1.8 million population of Northern Ireland. 

“There are around 200,000 abortions every year in the UK - that’s 550 every day. Almost all (98 percent) carried out at the expense of the taxpayer.

“SPUC - and our pro-life allies - seek to uphold Article Three of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights which guarantees the right to life so that unborn babies are not treated as ‘non-persons’.

“The job of the pro-life movement in 2018 is the same as it’s always been, to stop the concept of abortion becoming normal. It is normal not to kill children.

“Northern Ireland has a chance to make a continued stand for the innocents against the legalisation of abortion.

“I ask people here to take a look at what has happened in the rest of the UK and learn from those mistakes.”



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