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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Abortion doctor speaks at pro-life conference and tells why he turned his back on life as a “paid assassin” after performing 1200 procedures

3 March 2017


I want to share some exciting news.
In our effort to deliver you the most innovative and comprehensive set of cloud-based software and services, it’s my pleasure to inform you that Cision has begun the process of becoming a public company. This move - the details of which were announced in this press release today — comes on the heels of tremendous growth we have experienced in the communications and public relations market. To help deliver greater customer value, the public offering will foster increased investment in our core business that we will utilise to enhance the value you derive from our products, technology and customer service.
The most important takeaway from this news: the service you rely on us to deliver today will not only remain steady; in fact, we expect it to improve as a result. While the list of innovations the Cision team is developing grows, a few that are near and dear to me in the works include:
• Expansion of our data-driven communications


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