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Defending life
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A black day for unborn children, for mothers and for democracy –SPUC condemns govt abortion decision

29 June 2017


Responding to the Government decision to provide funds to the NHS to cover the costs of women from Northern Ireland for abortions in England, John Smeaton, chief executive of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, the world's oldest pro-life group said:

“This is a most shocking development.

“Caving into pressure from a coterie of mostly Labour MPs, Theresa May’s Government has abandoned neutrality on the abortion issue by deciding to provide funding for abortions, carried out in England, for women resident in Northern Ireland.

“This decision will not only prove fatal for Northern Ireland’s unborn children, killed at the British taxpayers’ expense, it places the women of Northern Ireland at the mercy of abortion providers such as Marie Stopes International and British Pregnancy Advisory Service which carry out the lion’s share of NHS abortions in England, whose dangerous practices have been roundly condemned in recent months by the Care Quality Commission.

“Theresa May’s government also shows total contempt for the will of the people of Northern Ireland where, with overwhelming public support, the politicians have repeatedly rejected legislative proposals which undermine the sanctity of human life by making abortion widely available.

“This is a black day for unborn children, for mothers and for democracy. It’s a great day for the abortion industry – which cares nothing about unborn children and for the welfare of women.”

Mr Smeaton continued:

“This is a betrayal on the grandest scale imaginable.

“Innocent unborn babies are being treated treacherously by this Government which has chosen death over life in an effort to save their skin.

“They have also betrayed the people of Northern Ireland who only hours earlier had been told by the most senior judges in the Province that the devolved assembly at Stormont held primacy on abortion laws. The Prime Minister and her Women & Equalities Minister Justine Greening have ignored that judgement for the Government’s own ends.

“Not content with funding abortions on the mainland on an industrial scale the Westminster Government has decided to take upon itself further state sponsored killing of the unborn.

“We have seen for many years how the state has lined the pockets of the abortion industry which has made millions in recent years from NHS abortions on the mainland.

“Now they are reaching out across the water to attract more women to bring to their death factories.

“What now for the UK Government which has lost its credibility not to mention its moral and democratic compass in its blind pursuit of power?

“The decision is also likely to be regarded by many in the Province, where abortion remains illegal, as just the latest example of a misguided and overbearing London metropolitan political elite attempting to force its unrepresentative views on people of another nation.

“It is nothing less than lethal meddling in affairs which do not concern it, designed to thwart the political will of the people of Northern Ireland at the expense of the unborn, who don’t seem to matter at all to our political masters.”

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