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SPUC accuses RCOG head of abusing position over abortion pills

11 December 2017

The world’s oldest pro-life NGO, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) is calling for the resignation of Professor Leslie Regan, president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG). Professor Regan is calling for women to complete their abortions at home.

Commenting on Professor Regan’s proposal, Antonia Tully, director of campaigns at SPUC, said: "By calling for home abortions, Professor Regan is abusing her position of authority and is showing a callous disregard the mental and physical welfare of women. She is also betraying a complete disregard for the lives of pre-born babies".

Since being elected 18 months ago, Professor Regan has pushed a political agenda effectively calling for abortion for any reason to be legalised and now for an introduction of do-it yourself abortions.

Mrs Tully continued: "In reality this means that many vulnerable women, who may be desperate about the situation they are in, will be on their own with no medical supervision, taking drugs which are powerful enough to destroy their unborn baby".

Professor Regan’s position is, given her role, deeply troubling:

  • She heads up the RCOG, a medical organisation rooted in a desire to improve women’s health care and bringing their babies safely into the world.  At the same time, she is promoting abortion which is fatal for babies and harms women.
  • She says that abortion should be treated the same as any other “medical procedure”. But no other medical procedure is carried out on healthy people and results in the death of one person (the unborn baby) and risks serious mental and physical health consequences for the other (the mother).
  • She wants women to be able to have an abortion “in the comfort of their own homes”. Yet she is, in effect, taking desperate women out of medical care and leaving them alone to go through a harrowing, potentially dangerous, procedure.

Regan’s proposal amounts to a call for back street abortions, where there is no medical oversight. A review of academic studies produced by SPUC, Abortion and Women’s Health, highlights the most common clinically significant adverse events of having a medical abortion.  These are typically hospital admission, blood transfusion, emergency room treatment, IV antibiotics administration, infection and, in some cases, even death.

"With the new year approaching, it’s time for Professor Regan to go and for the RCOG to focus on caring for all mothers and their unborn babies", said Mrs Tully.

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Antonia Tully, SPUC Director of Campaigns and Fundraising, can be contacted on:

  • 07926007175

Dr Anthony McCarthy, SPUC Director of Education and Communications can be contacted on:

  • 020 7820 3144

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