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SPUC issues warning on attempts to introduce abortion in Northern Ireland

14 September 2016

BELFAST 14 September 2016: SPUC responds to the resignation of Northern Irish paediatric pathologist Dr Caroline Gannon

The UK’s largest pro-life organisation is warning that the campaign to introduce abortion into Northern Ireland risks becoming a witch-hunt against public officials who oppose a change in the Province’s restrictive abortion laws.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, (SPUC) made its remarks following the resignation of a paediatric pathologist who called for a change in the Province’s law prohibiting abortion on grounds of disability. In statements to the media, the pathologist is blaming John Larkin QC, Northern Ireland’s Attorney General, for the failure of efforts to liberalise the law.

Liam Gibson SPUC’s development officer in Northern Ireland, said: “This appears to be an attempt either to pressure the Attorney General into changing his legal opinion or hound him from office. No one can accuse Mr Larkin of not doing his job properly. He is being attacked simply for his opinions on the issue of abortion and for setting out the legal rights of children diagnosed with disabilities before they’re born.

“Abortion advocates are determined to make abortion in Northern Ireland as easily available as it is in the rest of the UK. But the first step toward abortion on demand is to target the most vulnerable children with life-limiting conditions.

"However, the majority of the people here, as well as numerous politicians and public officials, are opposed to the legalisation of abortion. If a campaign to force out the Attorney General succeeded, then it would threaten the freedom of conscience of all public officials opposed to the killing of unborn children,” said Mr Gibson.


BBC: Doctor quits over NI attorney general's abortion interventions

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