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Stormont politicians called to keep election promises on abortion

9 February 2016


BELFAST, 9 Feb 2016: Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) at Stormont have been called upon to honour the promises they made before the last election that they would oppose any liberalisation of Northern Ireland's abortion laws.

The call was made by ​t​he Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), the UK's largest pro-life organisation, prior to this week's debates on proposals to overhaul radically the Province's abortion laws.

Liam Gibson, SPUC's Northern Ireland development officer, said: "At the last Assembly election the majority of MLAs ran as pro-life and told the voters they would oppose the liberalisation of our laws against abortion. We expect them to keep those promises and vote down these proposals."

Can politicians be trusted to keep their promises?

Describing the proposed changes to the law as "loosely worded and discriminatory," Mr Gibson said: "The draft legislation before the Assembly is capable of introducing widespread abortion to Northern Ireland. Just three months before the next election, pro-life voters will be watching carefully to see if our politicians can be trusted to keep their word.

"SPUC plans to run a series of newspaper adverts in the run-up to polling day to publicise the voting record of each MLA standing for re-election. Politicians are often accused of breaking their promises, so we're calling on the members of the Assembly to keep their promises and protect our unborn children from the threat of abortion."

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