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Lord Rix deserves sympathy but euthanasia is wrong, says SPUC Pro-Life

8 August 2016

LONDON, 8 August 2016: Lord Brian Rix, the disability rights campaigner who is terminally-ill, deserves sympathy but is wrong to promote euthanasia, says SPUC Pro-Life, a leading anti-euthanasia group.

Lord Rix has claimed that "they won't let me die and that's all I want to do" The nature of his illness and the type of treatment and care he is receiving has not been reported.

Paul Tully, SPUC Pro-Life's general secretary, commented: "Lord Rix deserves sympathy in his suffering but legalising euthanasia would worsen the climate of discrimination towards people with disabilities in this country. It is disappointing that such a long-time leading campaigner for the rights of disabled people is failing to connect euthanasia with discrimination against disabled people.

"The very same people Lord Rix has been campaigning to defend are the very same ones who will be the most negatively affected by euthanasia. Legalised euthanasia sends a message to disabled people that their lives are of less value and that they may be better off dead. The ethical response to disability and suffering is person-affirming support and care, not a lethal injection."

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