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Lord Falconer attacks right to life for elderly and disabled people

15 May 2013

London, 15 May 2013: A new onslaught on disabled and vulnerable people has been launched today with the introduction by Lord Falconer of a bill in the House of Lords to legalise assisted dying, said SPUC Pro-Life, a leading anti-euthanasia organisation.

Lord Falconer's bill is expected to be targeted at the lonely and disabled elderly. Previous attempts to undermine the right to life of elderly and disabled people have met with strong opposition in the House of Lords, but the increasing costs of looking after frail elderly people may be leading euthanasia supporters to think that the government will eventually lend support to such a measure.

Commenting on news of the proposal, Paul Tully, SPUC Pro-Life's general secretary, said: "Earlier this week, we saw 'Martin', Paul Lamb and Jane Nicklinson renew the legal attacks on the right to life through the courts. This means that disabled people and elderly people are in the firing-line from several directions at once. Present financial difficulties in providing the necessary health and social care will be leveraged by euthanasia supporters to aid their cause. Any down-grading of legal protection for vulnerable lives should be resisted."

Mr Tully continued: "We are also seeing disturbing abuses of palliative care, through incentivised pathways for example, which are being used to hasten or bring about death in many cases. The pressure is on health trusts to put budgets before good care. This situation is being exploited by those who think that people with limited lives or serious disabilities should be helped to die.

"We will be collaborating with disability rights groups, health professionals and pro-life politicians to resist Lord Falconer's proposals with all our strength," Mr Tully concluded.

Paul Tully, SPUC Pro-Life's general secretary, can be contacted on mobile 07939 178719 or 020 7820 3127. SPUC Pro-Life's communications department can be contacted on:

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