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Outraged Sutton parent to hold public meeting on explicit sex film shown in local primary school

3 July 2013

London, 3 July 2013: A Sutton parent, Iqbal Rajah, is organising a public meeting to address the question "Sex education in primary schools: What are they teaching our children?"

The meeting will be held this Friday (5 July) at The Sports Village, Rose Hill Park, Rose Hill, Sutton, SM1 3HH, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Mr Rajah explained: "My main reason for organising the meeting is to raise public awareness and empower parents to challenge inappropriate sex education in primary schools.

"I was outraged after I previewed the sex education video planned to be shown to all Year 5 children aged 9/10 - including my son - at Devonshire Primary School. The particular video I saw promoted exploration of the male and female sex organs in children, with a narrator explaining it 'feels nice'.

"I was horrified even further when I took this matter up with the headteacher, only to be told that, whilst he felt uncomfortable discussing it with me, he fully endorsed the Channel 4 sex education teaching programme 'Living & Growing'. I am not against sex education but believe in age-appropriate sex education. We, as parents know our children best", concluded Mr Rajah.

Mr Rajah has invited Antonia Tully of the national Safe at School campaign to speak at the meeting, along with Mr Yusuf Patel of SREIslamic.

Mrs Tully said: "Parents are naturally shocked when they see the graphic cartoon depiction of sexual intercourse which is included in this programme. There is no evidence that this sort of provocative material benefits young children. In addition there is no evidence that showing primary-aged children graphic sexual material reduces teenage pregnancies."

For more information please call Antonia Tully on 020 8407 3463 or 07926 007175. Safe at School is a campaign of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC)

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