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New abortion figures show avoidable tragedy, says leading pro life group SPUC

24 May 2011

New abortion figures show avoidable tragedy, says leading pro-life group SPUC 24 May 2011: The latest annual abortion figures represent 190,000 unborn babies whose deaths were entirely avoidable, said the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), a leading UK pro-life group.

The figures for 2010 in England and Wales show a slight increase in registered abortions over the previous year.

Abortions were 8% higher than 10 years before in 2000.

Commenting on the figures, Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, said: “The annual abortion statistics tell a tragic story of avoidable death – driven by commercial interests and sexual exploitation of women. The abortion industry and the Department of Health abet the anti-life culture by promoting the idea that sex – and abortion - must be available to everyone on demand. “As a result, for every two married women who have abortions, 11 unmarried women undergo abortions. “A notable shift in the figures for 2010 is an increase of nearly 10% in abortions of disabled babies. 2290 disabled babies were destroyed in 2010, compared to 2085 in 2009. The average for the past 5 years had been under 2000. “Private abortionists are once again favoured by the Department of Health policy of spending NHS money on so-called ‘charitable’ abortion services. These services do not provide any genuine benefit, but simply provide abortions and charge the NHS. “In contrast, there has been a further small but welcome reduction in abortions performed here on women from Northern Ireland. Abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland but some women travel to England for abortions. The figure has gone down from 1577 in 2001 to 1101 in 2010”, concluded Mr Tully.

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