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Government child sexualisation curbs should be extended to schools says parents' group

4 June 2011

Government child sexualisation curbs should be extended to schools says parents' group London, 4 June 2011: Proposals to curb the sexualisation of children should be extended to ban explicit sex education materials in schools, says a group representing concerned parents.

Safe At School was responding to the expected recommendations of a government-commissioned review by Sir Reg Bailey of the Mothers' Union.

The recommendations are expected to include curbs on sexually-explicit material on television, in advertising and via the internet.

Paul Tully of Safe At School commented: "We welcome Sir Reg's expected recommendations which (we understand) call for strengthening the role of parents to protect their children from sexually explicit material. Many parents are deeply worried, not only by child sexualisation via popular culture, but also by the pornographic and value-lite sex education materials being used in many schools."

A prime example of such inappropriate material is the 'Living and Growing' DVD series used in many primary schools, which gives instructions about sexual intercourse and promotes masturbation.

Any parent concerned by the raunchy dance routines on TV before the watershed would be appalled if they knew what children seeing 'Living and Growing' get in the school classroom.

"Explicit sex education in schools, supported by abortion providers, is priming even seven-to-11 year-olds for under-age sexual activity. The results are high rates of teenage pregnancies, sexually-transmitted infections and abortions. And the government's official policy is to turn a blind eye to most instances of illegal under-age sex, contrary to the recommendations of the 2004 Bichard report into the Soham murders. If the government is serious about protecting children from sexualisation and bad sexual health outcomes, it must address both the widespread sexualisation of culture, and the official sanctioning of illegal under-age sex", concluded Mr Tully.

Paul Tully of Safe At School can be contacted at 07939 178719.

Notes for editors: * Safe at School is among a number of groups addressing a rally against child abuse in London's Trafalgar Square today.  * A proposal by Chris Bryant MP that official guidance no longer need require sex education to be age-appropriate is an example of how the agressive sexual health lobby would lay children open to further exploitation. * Safe at School is a campaign of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC)

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