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UK pro life group comments on Angie Jackson's abortion tweets

1 March 2010

UK pro-life group comments on Angie Jackson's abortion tweets London, 1 March 2010 - A leading British pro-life group has commented on Angie Jackson, the American pro-abortion activist who broadcast her chemical abortion experience in graphic detail via Twitter.

Anthony Ozimic, communications manager of the Society for Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), Britain's largest and oldest pro-life group, commented: "Women should be encouraged to share their abortion experiences, but those stories need to be shared in ways which respect the humanity of unborn children. It is clear from Angie Jackson's tweets that she knows very little about unborn children. One of her justifications for her abortion was her claim that the baby she aborted at four weeks after conception had no heart or brain, when in fact a baby's heart starts to beat at three weeks, and at four weeks his or her brain has human proportions. Angie Jackson and those supporting her need to educate themselves about unborn children, who are killed by abortion. "Women's abortion experiences need to be shared also with sensitivity for women who regret their abortion experience. In contrast, Angie Jackson, who is a long-standing abortion rights activist, was intentionally provocative in many of her tweets and internet posts. Also, some observers have pointed out apparent contradictions and dubious claims in her different accounts of her abortion. Women deserve honesty about abortion, not half-truths from pro-abortion activists. "Even according to its makers, RU-486, the chemical abortion method used by Angie Jackson, puts women through an appalling psychological ordeal. Women deserve better than abortion", concluded Mr Ozimic.

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