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Irish Law Reform Commission’s proposals would import British style euthanasia into Ireland

16 September 2009

Irish Law Reform Commission’s proposals would import British-style euthanasia into Ireland Dublin, 16 September 2009 - The legislation recommended this evening by the Law Reform Commission of Ireland would allow euthanasia by denial of food, fluids and reasonable medical treatment. The Commission's proposals mirror almost exactly the British government's Mental Capacity Act 2005. The Blair government's Mental Capacity Act 2005 enshrined and expanded euthanasia by neglect in English law. Pat Buckley, speaking on behalf of the European Life Network and the UK's Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), commented: "The Commission's proposals draw heavily on the 1992 Bland judgment in England, similar subsequent English court judgments and on the (English) Mental Capacity Act 2005. Those laws have resulted in countless numbers of vulnerable people being starved, dehydrated and neglected to death. Similar laws were used to kill Terri Schiavo in Florida in 2005 and Eluana Englaro in Italy in February. "Surely the good people of Ireland, many thousands of whom every year work to resist the repeated attempts to undermine its pro-life constitution, will not stand idly by at this attempt to import silent euthanasia?"

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