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Detail of schools bill reveals government's abortion agenda

19 November 2009

Detail of schools bill reveals government's abortion agenda London, 19 November 2009 - The detail of the government's Children, Schools and Families bill, published today, reveals the way the government will promote abortion through state schools in England, says the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC).

Clauses 11 to 14 of the bill make sex education compulsory and set out the principles under which schools must teach sex education.

The principles require that sex education "reflects a reasonable range of...cultural and other perspectives" and promotes "equality", "diversity" and "rights". The bill also says that schools must "have regard" to government guidance on how to implement the principles.

(see Notes below) John Smeaton, SPUC director, commented: "There can be no doubt the government will use the bill, if passed, to promote abortion in schools. The bill's principles will be used to ensure that pro-abortion propaganda dominates the content of sex education. Schoolgirls will be told that they have a right to abortion, that abortion is virtually harmless and that pro-abortion agencies provide good sexual health services. 'Equality' and 'diversity' will be used to suppress opposition to abortion. The abolition of parents' right to withdraw older children from sex education classes will ensure that no child leaves state schooling without having been brainwashed with an pro-abortion mentality." "We call upon parents, teachers and clergy to contact MPs immediately in protest against the government's plans, urging MPs to speak out in parliament against them", concluded Mr Smeaton.

Notes: The relevant sections of the Children, Schools and Families Bill are: * 11 PSHE in maintained schools * 12 PSHE in Academies etc * 13 Sex and relationships education: manner of provision * 14 Exemption from sex and relationships education The bill reflects the recommendations of the Teenage Pregnancy Advisory Group's report (see SPUC release 11 November ) Page 13, line 35 reads: "It is the duty of the governing body and head teacher of any school in which PSHE is provided in pursuance of this Part to secure that the principles set out in subsections (5) to (7) are complied with." Subsection (5) starts on page 13, line 38 and reads: "The first principle is that information presented in the course of providing PSHE should be accurate and balanced. The second principle is that PSHE should be taught in a way that-- (a) is appropriate to the ages of the pupils concerned and to their religious and cultural backgrounds, and also (b) reflects a reasonable range of religious, cultural and other perspectives. The third principle is that PSHE should be taught in a way that-- (a) endeavours to promote equality, (b) encourages acceptance of diversity, and (c) emphasises the importance of both rights and responsibilities." Page 14, line 7 of the bill reads: "In the exercise of their functions under this Part so far as relating to PSHE, a local authority, governing body or head teacher shall have regard to any guidance issued from time to time-- (a) by the Secretary of State, or (b) by a person nominated by the Secretary of State."

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