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Defending life
from conception to natural death


SPUC defends unborn at Labour conference

30 September 2008

SPUC defends unborn at Labour conference Manchester, 30 September - Pro-life campaigners called upon delegates to last week's Labour party conference to oppose moves to widen British abortion law.

Ten supporters of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) gave out leaflets in Manchester last Tuesday (23 September).

The proposed changes to the law are in the form of amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which is due to be debated during Parliament's autumn session. Proposals include the extension of the Abortion Act to Northern Ireland and allowing nurses and midwives to act as abortionists.

SPUC protesters also carried placards and banner calling for an end to abortion and in favour of support for women.

Tony Mullett, organiser of the protest, said: "Labour goes on about social justice and civil rights yet most of its members seem not to care about society's most vulnerable members such as the unborn. This party's government should withdraw its Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which is thoroughly bad. That would be a true commitment to social justice."

There is a high-resolution picture of the protest here . Pictured from left to right are Thomas Mullett, a student at the University of Manchester, Mrs Pat Doyle of Prestwich, Greater Manchester, Rhobet Williams of Baguley, Greater Manchester, and Bernard Doyle of Prestwich, Greater Manchester.

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