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SPUC says assisted suicide puts pressure on vulnerable

17 October 2008

SPUC says assisted suicide puts pressure on vulnerable London, 17 October - SPUC has commented on the case of the late Mr Dan James, aged 23, who committed suicide with the help of Dignitas in Switzerland.

Anthony Ozimic, political secretary, said: "The availability of assisted suicide creates pressure, either real or perceived, upon the vulnerable, such as young accident victims, to conclude that their lives are no longer worth living and they are better off dead. "Allowing suicide does nothing to heal injuries, cure disease or treat depression. The death-for-disability lobby are a lethal threat to vulnerable individuals, like this late rugby player, who could have been made to value his own life. "The death-for-disability lobby have imported an Australian suicide campaign doctor, Philip Nitschke, to run gruesome suicide seminars in England. The promotion of suicide by the likes of Dr Philip Nitschke and the Voluntary Euthanasia Society makes a mockery of government attempts to reduce the teenage suicide rate."

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