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Public concern welcome but abortion amendments too dangerous, say SPUC

11 September 2007

Public concern welcome but abortion amendments too dangerous, say SPUC Westminster, 11th September 2007 - The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has responded to a new public opinion poll on abortion. Anthony Ozimic, SPUC political secretary, commented: "SPUC welcomes the evidence of continuing deep-seated concern about the alarming numbers of abortions, reflected in the poll conducted on behalf of LIFE, a leading pregnancy support charity in the UK. We at SPUC, as the world's first pro-life lobbying and educational organisation, would caution pro-life politicians not to introduce amendments at the present time. At this time there is no evidence of a change of heart among strongly pro-abortion MPs and peers - who remain a majority - and any amendments to the law are likely to go the wrong way. "Any attempt to amend the Abortion Act in the current Parliament would probably make it even worse than it is at present. There is a large majority in parliament in favour of widening abortion provision. Labour ministers have spent millions of pounds on initiatives which encourage abortion, like fast-tracking requests for abortion, while resisting mandatory counselling for mothers considering abortion. "The government is likely to be sympathetic to attempts to loosen abortion restrictions, if abortion amendments are tabled to its draft Human Tissue and Embryos bill. Attempts to improve abortion law by amendments introduced via a government bill were tried under Mrs Thatcher's government in 1990 and proved disastrous. Parliament is certainly more pro-abortion today." Mr Ozimic continued: "It is disturbing to see a prominent commentator, Amanda Platell, in today's Daily Mail calling for only post-13 week abortions to be stopped. The vast majority of abortions are already performed during the first trimester. There is no more rationale for a 13 week limit than 24 or 40 weeks - the current limits respectively for social abortions and disability/serious health risks. "This latest poll is an indication of hope for the future - and spurs us to work for a parliament that will stand on principle for the right to life of all babies - born and unborn. Abortion kills babies and hurts women. We have the resources both in the public sector and voluntary pro-life groups to offer women real alternatives to abortion. But at present our political leaders lack the will and the compassion to reject the violence of abortion."

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