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Defending life
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No to abortion amendments, says SPUC

2 September 2007

No to abortion amendments, says SPUC Westminster, 2nd September 2007 - As parliamentarians move to make it easier and quicker for women to get abortions, a "Stop the abortion amendments" campaign has been launched this week by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). John Smeaton, SPUC national director, said: "The government cannot feign innocence, washing their hands of abortion, saying that it's a matter for parliamentarians to decide on a free vote. Gordon Brown has appointed pro-abortion ministers to key portfolios, in particular in the health ministry, and his own voting record is consistently pro-abortion. "The total strength of known pro-abortion votes is well over 300. Furthermore, the strong government support for pro-abortion measures will mean that 'the pay-roll vote' will be strongly inclined to vote according to the wishes of their ministerial bosses, even if there is a free vote, not subject to a party whip. Gordon Brown must know this." SPUC is urging parliamentarians, whatever their views, not to table amendments on abortion when the Human Tissue and Embryos bill comes before Parliament later this year. The Society fears that the Government and leading figures like Lord Steel want to make a tacit "deal" with pro-life parliamentarians, pro-life groups and faith groups, offering a lower upper time limit for most social abortions in exchange for making abortion more easily accessible. Mr Smeaton commented: "Trading the lives of some unborn children, disabled unborn babies in particular, to try to save the lives of others, is wrong and it doesn't work. Whatever time limit is agreed, parliamentarians will insist on further exceptions and the overall effect is more abortions, as happened in the tragic legislation passed by Parliament in 1990."

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