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Defending life
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Irish abortion ruling a double tragedy

9 May 2007

Irish abortion ruling a double tragedy Wednesday, 9 May 2007 - The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has described today's Dublin high court ruling, which allows a woman to come to Britain for an abortion, as a tragedy for both mother and child. Alison Davis, leader of SPUC's No Less Human group which campaigns on disability issues, said: "The ruling is a tragedy both for Miss D and for her unborn child. It is a tragedy for the baby because he or she will be killed by abortion, and it is a tragedy for Miss D because she will be complicit in the killing. The BBC confidently states that 'babies with anencephaly live a maximum of just three days after birth' and it is true that they typically have very short post-natal lives. However, a Brazilian baby named Marcela who has the condition is now six months old. "Miss D's baby is just as precious as any non-disabled child, and the likelihood of a short post-natal life does not alter that fact. We can do better for young people like Miss D than suggesting that killing their baby is the solution to their problems."

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